Dual Shear Beam Load Cell - RSL - 112


RSL 112

Rudrra Sensor bequeath featured products to their clientele and in plunge by deliver products with abreast technology and impeccable working. We give idiosyncratic attention on the individualistic progress of all necessary technology and core competencies. This objective empower us to transport at curate note and to administer distinctive key for our customers.

Rudrra Sensor is a maker of inclusive range of Dual Shear Beam Load Cell. The usage of superlative quality materials in the manufacturing of the Dual ended load cells guarantee noteworthy characteristic like it is immensely persistent and tensile strength. Furthermore, purchasers are satisfied with the opportunity to get it in multifarious specifications & affordable price.

This is an opportune fusion of two single-ended load cells into one tangible tool, giving the favor of higher loading capacity and higher resistance to off centre loads and side forces.

The dual shear beam load cells are most often applied for high capacity installations such as silos, tanks, truck scales (weighbridges), railway scales and other heavy industrial processes.

Rudrra Sensor entrenched in 2002. And We have 16 years of experience in exporting and manufacturing of load cells. These model are named RSL 112. It have 5Tf to 1 00Tf capacity, Triple sealing, Electroplex nickel plating.

Wiring Schematic Diagram:


  • 5Tf to 1 00 Tf Capacities
  • Triple-Sealing
  • Electroless Nickel Plated

  • Truck, Tank and Hopper Weighing
  • Tensile Testing
  • Weighbridge

Standard Capacities (tf.) Excitation 5,10,15,20,23,30,40,50,75,100
Voltage 10 VDC - Maximum 15 VDC Ultimate Overload 300% of Rated Capacity
Nominal Output3.0 mV/V Allowable Side Load50% of Rated Capacity
Non-Linearity 0.025 % FSO (Full Scale Output) Side Load Discrimination : 500:1
Hysteresis 0.02 % FSO Temperature0-60 C
Non-Repeatability 0.01% FSO Compensated Range
Creep (30 minutes)700 10 Temperature Effect on Output<0.0015 % FSO/
Zero Balance 1.0 % FSO Temperature Effect on Zero <0.0020 % FSO/ C
Input Resistance750 20.0(Ω) Deflection <0.5 mm at FSO
Output Resistance700+-7.0(Ω) Tightening Torque 10 m. kg.
Insulation Resistance≥20000 Mega Ohms at 50 VDC Construction Electroless Nickel Plated Tool Steel
Safe Overload150% of Rated Capacity Environmental Protection Class 1P68