Web Tension Load Cell

Web Tension Load Cell

Rudrra Sensor manufactures high quality web tension load cell which provides the exceptional and long lasting performance. This model can be modified as per different capacities.

Web Tension Control System is one of the prime & foremost requirements in any industries. The Word Web tension control refers to maintain the constant tension.

The different phase which involve in Web Tension Control Systems are winding/unwinding, slitting other than these production processes there are also some processes where constant material tension require such as coating, printing.

Web tensions Load Cells are the standard equipment running in web production lines


• Web Tension Load Cell is Force Sensors Device which measures the perfect material tension.

• This Control System measures the exact output as it amplifies the signal from force sensor & calculates final valve from the difference values and feedback valves.

• This system is based with three main force sensors such as Drive, Break and clutch which converts the relevant torque or speed.

• The flow of force sensors can be maintained which shows the uniformity & uniqueness of this Web Tension Control System.

Rotogravure Load Cell RS-L

Rudrra is offering RSL Model which has a unique design and working performance. This type of load cells is used for printing machinery applications.