Rotogravure Load Cell (RS l)

rotogravure load cell

Data Sheet

Rotogravure Load Cell is offered as model RS-L, which has a unique design and working performance. This type of load cells is used for printing machinery applications. All products are developed under the dynamic supervision of expert professionals. This cell can be used for small to large size graphic and printing machinery.

  • Large capacity range
  • Anodized aluminium alloy
  • Special shielded cable and connector output type of detachable mic
  • Off-axis high strength to resist the force
  • Designed for web tension measuring
  • Easy mounting with clamp
Type RS Accuracy class0,5%F.S
Capacity (Emax) 25,50,100 Kg Minimum dead load0% R.O
Rated output R.O2,0 mV/V Zero balance1 %R.O
Temperature effect on zero< 0,014%R.O/5C Temperature effect on output< 0,010%R.O/5C
Compensated temperature range-10 /+40 C Temperature range safe-30 /+70 C
Maximum safe central overload150 %R.O Ultimate central overload300 %R.O
Excitation5 V Input impedance39530Ω
Output impedance3503Ω Insulation resistance>5000 MΩ
Construction Anodized aluminiumalloy Environmental protection>IP55
Cable type2x2x0,22 mm Cable length 3 m
Weight0,9 kg Excitation + Green        - Black
Reccommended bearing No. 2203 Signal + White           - Red